CODE100 Challenge #BuntStattBraun

In this challenge you get an HTML document that renders a lot of colourful hearts.

pile of colourful hearts

And you get a JSON object with the information about all the brown colours that were used:

    {"name": "Brown", "rgb": "165, 42, 42", "hex": "A52A2A"},
    {"name": "BurlyWood", "rgb": "222, 184, 135", "hex": "DEB887"},
    {"name": "Chocolate", "rgb": "210, 105, 30", "hex": "D2691E"}
    //  and more 

The task is to find out which of the hearts are in a brown colour and report the overall number and which brown is used how many times.

For example:

    "distribution": {

If you want to solve this in the browser using JavaScript, we also set up a Codepen.

Let’s paint the world!